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Engaging Students Through Using Technology

Rather than viewing being outdoors as a time for taking students off their screens, I wonder, Can involving technology in the teaching process when outdoors help students become more engaged in learning about nature and their local area?  This is the question that has motivated my graduate studies curriculum project. I can share some results of implementing this curriculum. I will bring iPads loaded with applications for using in the outdoors. If desired, we can look at those. I would also be interested in discussing how today’s students are learning, how or if the learning process is being shaped by technology and also how students are sharing their learning through having a digital platform. We might touch on the SAMR model and Ipadagogy. I am also hoping to hear your suggestions for more effectively using technology in an outdoor or any other educational setting.

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2015 KEYNOTE Presentation Announced!

Digital Narratives: Creative Collaboration and Emerging Media

a talk about experimental work with Motion and Media Across Disciplines Lab

by Joellyn Rock

Assistant Professor of Art & Design, Joellyn Rock teaches a range of digital art and video courses at University of Minnesota Duluth. Her creative research focus is digital narrative and how emerging media is changing the ways that stories can be told. Over the past four years, Rock has worked with a team of UMD faculty to develop the new Motion and Media Across Disciplines Lab. The MMAD Lab is a unique space for research in digital video, motion capture, and collaborative experiments using new media platforms. Rock will share her creative process working with digital narrative and collaborative teams in several recent projects using the MMAD Lab. Works include Sophronia, a multimedia installation presented at the Walker Art Center for Northern Spark 2014, Opera Fatale! a film noir video collaboration with faculty and students from Digital Art and Opera Studio for Weber Music Hall, and FishNetStockings a new work to be showcased this summer at the Electronic Literature Arts Festival in Bergen, Norway.

Later there will be a chance to tour the new Motion and Media Across Disciplines Lab. Joellyn Rock will offer an afternoon opportunity for participants to test the use of chromakey technology in the lab and experiment with imagery and video techniques for FishNetStockings, a new multimedia collaboration inspired and informed by historical mermaid legends and their myriad literary variants.

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Proposal Idea: Digital Humanities/Technology Hub

I’d love to discuss the nuts and bolts and infrastructure side of digital humanities and scholarship, and find a way to formalize a clearinghouse of champions, resources, advocates, and archived space for past projects for our UMD community. In the short time I’ve been at UMD I’ve met a lot of talented people who are experts in rhetoric, imagery, text mining, GIS, visualization, data sets, etc… but I’ve had to piece those conversations together. That’s a lot of work for a new faculty, staff, or student to develop informally. Is there a need for a digital humanities/technology integrated coursework hub, or even a working group of like minded organizations?


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Make an Unconference Video

Let’s take bits of video throughout the unconference day and put them together at the end to make a video of our experiences/conference highlights.  Whoever stays for the whole day gets to control the narrative!

We’ll use the video to advertise for next year!

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Open Access and Fair Use

How can we make the most of our Fair Use exceptions to  enrich online learning and in our research and creation? With the rise of Open Access efforts worldwide, what resources can we maximize? How do we contribute for the greater good?

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Quick Start Guides

Best practices for supporting online and technology-enhanced learning indicate the value of set of basic guidelines and resources for instructors and learners. I propose a MAKE SESSION where we will develop a draft “Quick Start Guide …” to various topics. Teaching online, teaching hybrid, learning online, etc.

The idea would be to quickly research examples and resources from external and internal resources and then to condense them into a good guide. For this project, a mix of instructors, learners, ITSS, and librarians would be ideal!

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